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About Counselling Psychology.

Counselling psychology can help with a range of emotional and personal problems.

Counselling psychology can help when you are facing a particular life, relationship or work-related difficulty or mental health issue. It is a process that enables you to find more effective ways of coping with the challenges you may be facing, or in managing the emotional or behavioural problems that may be holding you back, and enhancing emotional wellbeing.

Sometimes it may be that you are in need of professional support during a time of acute stress or change, or it may be to do with the aftermath of early childhood issues that have for whatever reason now come to the fore.

Counselling psychology is a branch of applied psychology concerned with the integration of psychological theory and research with therapeutic practice. Training involves a first degree in psychology and a further three year post-graduate training covering theory, research, skills and supervised practice in two or more models of psychological therapy.

Practitioners will often overlap in describing themselves as counselling psychologists, counsellors or psychotherapists. The former is a protected title for which registration with the HCPC is a statutory requirement. The BACP website and other links listed on the Resources page give further information about the different approaches to therapy, and what to look for in choosing the right therapist for you.

My training in humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural approaches allows me to draw together ways ofabout fiona spencer counselling working that can most benefit you as an individual given your presenting issues.

At the core of my integrative philosophy is a belief in the importance of the therapeutic relationship as an active agent of change, together with sensitivity to how early relationships and events in your life will shape personality development and functioning, especially under conditions of stress. I draw particularly from attachment theory, and advances in knowledge about the neurobiology of emotional regulation and inter-personal processes.

Often people present with a specific issue to resolve or set of symptoms they wish to alleviate. In these cases, a solution-focused approach or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) may be the most appropriate way forward, within a set time frame, and this I am able to offer.

Whilst working with you as an individual it is important to hold a broader outlook on your relationship situation, and the social, cultural, political and environmental context of your life. I will be looking to see how you can draw from the resources within you and around you to promote health and healing further.

In all my practice I seek to encourage compassion towards self, others, society and our natural environment; and to foster awareness of the need for inter-connection.

The following are issues with which I have experience of working, and for which psychological therapy may prove beneficial:

  • Relationship problems and breakdown
  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Work-related stress and bullying
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Low self esteem and loss of confidence
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Life transition and adjustment issues
  • Adaptation to injury, disability or chronic ill-health
  • Cancer: emotional impact, treatment choices, palliative care
  • Infertility and assisted conception
  • Identity issues
  • Trauma and PTSD, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Addictive behaviours, self-harm, eating disorders
  • Asperger syndrome
  • Anger management, assertiveness training.

Other services I offer are personal therapy for students of counselling, psychotherapy or counselling psychology in training, and supervision of both trainee and established practitioners, the latter either individually or in groups. Please contact me for further details.